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April 20, 2009

10 craziest bikes! (part 1)

I know that you like the tops 10. Everyone loves it (and me especially). Therefore I present you this day the jewels of my collection of bikes, carefully selected. Uhh, well, photos of bikes, to be more precise, that I have catched through my random strolls in Copenhagen (*). It would be such a shame to keep them for myself.

The topic of today's anthology is: "I don't like being alone on my bike."


To start, the trailer for children, dogs and stuff ... but covered! What a luxury. Aimed at those who don't want to purchase a special bike, or just for the drags at DIY things.


The double-seat for babies. For those who cannot make up their minds  to leave their twin babies to the nurse when they are out for shopping. Or those who consider that a pram is definitely too slowly. Note the unusual length of the luggage rack.


The trailer tandem-like. Sure that when they get bigger, there's no reason for them  to continue  to  be transported effortlessly, eh.


The trailer really made for kids. Because it is never too early to develop the good reflexes.


The pedal-drawn carriage, because the merry-go-rounds suck.


Something indefinable. A kind of retired carriage. Real home-made creation.


The kitsch carriage for adult, aka tourist-lugger, front and back.


Another model of corny carriage, but this is one I like. Not for tourists,  and I know it because  I pass by every morning. It is parked always in the same place on Amagerbrogade.


The tandem with a cool design. Yes, Denmark is the country of design, nothing more to say.


And on the first step of the podium, my favorite: the psychedelic tandem . It deserves two pictures! Apparently, the disproportionate love the Danes have for bikes makes them giving birth to senseless creations.

And what about you, what is your favourite model?

(*) All the pictures have been shot in Copenhagen, except the #9, taken in Amsterdam.
Just a remark: if like me, you hunt the cycling treasures in CPH, the good spot is of course Christiania. 3 of them come from it.