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January 17, 2010

Cool, we are freezing, let's go out and walk on the water

Yes, it's cold in Copenhagen this weekend, and it's a good reason to rub our hands (with glee). These drags from DMI had however announced snow, and then not, and I prefer it. The reason for this incongruous joy? This is the subject of an article on AOK (Alt Om København), thus my Danish had been useful. For the lazy ones who will not attempt to click + Google Translation, I will explain: yippee, it's cold enough to skate on the lakes of Copenhagen! And I looove skating.

Everywhere but not in Nyhavn

To help you to make to right choice, the Berlingske Tidende has graciously made a list of all the ice rinks available in the city and its surroundings on a beautiful map. There are both artificial and natural. (By the way, if you want to sledge read that).

I went for an exploring stroll on Saturday:

Number 1, at the end of Nyhavn:

Yes, it isn't so big, but it actually replaces the magnificent ice ring that was on Kongens Nytorv the previous years, which has not been installed this year due to the works for the future metro line. Well, it's the waterfront, so it's nice anyway. Skates rental.

Number 2, Kastellet:

That's for those who like skating in the wild
But this mysterious circle seems to be made for skaters

It serves as a swimming spot as well

Number 3, the watering place of Fælledparken:

Well, there was also a similar ring. The immense park was incredibly deserted when I went on Saturday afternoon. Then I told myself that if there was a place where I could see some skaters, it would be on the great lakes.

Number 4, the Peblinge Sø, the lake in the middle:

I was right, you would have thought that all the Copenhageners with blades had made an appointment here. Well, it is understandable, those interconnected lakes make really giant ice rinks. But skating is only allowed on the Peblinge Sø, that not prevents the Danes drunk or not to walk on the others.

So in front of this heavenly vision, my heart skipped a beat. I immediately felt a urge that I had to relieve only Peblinge Sø straightaway: I rushed into the nearest mall to seize the only remaining pair of 41-size crappy hockey skates (*). For only 279 kroner (40 euros), I didn't ruined myself, but I suspect they were running out of skates.

I went back triumphantly the next day to try my new toys. It was the first time I was skating on a real lake. What about the sensations? The ice is naturally bumpy and brown, and the small ice chips we tear off form the surface with our blades are instantly swept away by the wind and accumulated in certain zones it is better to avoid skating on. As a result, the surface is cleaned continuously and we can admire the water content, like algae, herbs, and other plastic bags frozen in their movement, amazing.

Here is myself just above gritting my teeth in my new torture devices

But, there is the snag, no skates rental. And I brought friends without skates. So we came to the spot number 5, just a couple of steps away, on the cute little Blågårds Plads, where we could rent.

Number 5:

Watch out, it is overrun by trolls

I confess I didn't have time to test the rink in Frederiksberg (number 6), but I know that the park next door (Frederiksberg Have) is a good place for sledding. Perched on a micro-hill, this is the only place in Copenhagen in slope.

Otherwise, I presume that the spots number 7 and 8 in Christianshavn are quite delicious, surrounded by nature and funny houses, maybe I'll check it out.

(*) I implore you, if you know a BIG DECENT sports shop in Copenhagen, please tell me where it is.

January 6, 2010

Weird discovery at the central station

The other day, I was browsing my Copenhagen pictures archive, and I came across this one. So I decided that it was time to show it. It was taken in the ladies room at the central station (Hovedbanegård). Actually, this is the little piece of paper prominently taped on the mirror.

How much to comb your hair? What does "etc" mean exactly?

Tell me, boys, what you have on your side!