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May 3, 2010

No, I haven't forgotten you!

I know I know, it's more than a month since I've not written anything. That didn't mean that I was running out of ideas, even quite the contrary, but it was rather a lack of time. I was on vacation, then I came back, I left again, for being trapped by the famous volcano. After a long journey to return to Copenhagen, I again flew for a short weekend, well I haven't stopped. In addition, I was looking for a new job, because my contract in Denmark ends in a month. Yes, that's official, I'm going back to France in a month, in a new area for me (and with a good weather, big change for me). This will  not prevent me to continue my articles, don't worry, I have plenty of stock!

And to make it up to you, I share with you this video of the birthday of Queen Margrethe II, who celebrated her 70th birthday on April 16th (big party that I unfortunately missed because of that stupid Icelandic).

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