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March 15, 2010

10 craziest bikes! (part 2)

Here is the second edition of the top 10 of amazing bikes (here was the first one).

Today's theme: "extreme bike tuning". Be careful, I have to warn you, your eyes might sting a little bit.


To begin smoothly, some entirely repainted, more or less successfuly.


Arg, the mad striper struck at least twice.


Yes, bicycles are a green mean of transportation.


Made in Christiania.


This one is actually is a sign shop.


Pimp you bike yourself.


Unidentified dead body, lying somewhere in Christiania, I would be unable to find it again. But is it a sculpture, or the remains of something that really drove?


Nice idea.


The stuntman, seen at the demonstration of COP 15. To measure up with that event, some have let their imagination go, and by putting two like this, you get the number 1:


I was assured that both had indeed demonstrated that day.

Come on, tell me, which one is your favorite?


  1. No wonder you haven't heard of the bicycle #7. The one were you have written "Made in Christiania"

    It's actually called a Longjohn and has been around since 1929, invented by a Dane.

    Although they seem quite old-fashioned, they are actually still used at grocerys' and other smaller shops, to deliver ordered things. The supermarket chain "Dagli' Brugsen" still uses these as a method of transport when delivering to elder people whom cannot do their grocerys on their own.

    Funny blog though :-)

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